Card Auction October 6

A FALL AUCTION full of FUN CARDS of Button Bounty! Here are 100 card lots from collections in Ohio, Arizona, New York, Illinois, and elsewhere coming right to your door with an abundance of buttons in various classifications, themes, materials, and goody cards. You’re likely to find something to fit your fancy and likely at a fair price. So join in the FUN with your bids, today! By registering for our upcoming Seasonal Autumn Auction on November 10, you gain complimentary access to this October 6 Card Auction!

Winning Lacy Tray

Lot #41 in the October 6 card auction is this wonderful tray of 42 small lacy buttons from the 19th C. with all the scarcities including leaf, spindle, oval, and square shapes, colored glass, and crown pictorial.

Red and Silver Luster Black Glass

Here is Lot #38 in the October 6 auction, a beautiful card of 35 small to large Div. I black glass with both silver and red luster. A card like this is very difficult to assemble.

Button Stars

One of several themed cards in this October 6 auction is this, Lot #97, with star buttons in a variety of materials and designs.

Chinese Zodiac

12 extra large bone buttons each depicting the animals of the Chinese Zodiac beautifully engraved and sepia toned in Lot #44 in the October 6 card auction. Here is the rat, oxen, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

Vegetable Ivory Classification

This October 6 card auction includes this Vegetable Ivory classification, a 3-card lot in which the original collector filled all but two of the designated spaces which include back types, working methods, color finish, trimming techniques, mechanical make-up, shapes, and usage. Scarcities include door knocker, wood OME, enamel OME.

Aurora Buttons

As striking as the Aurora Borealis in a miniature way, this card of 42 black glass buttons from the early 20th C. with various aurora lusters is Lot #42 in our upcoming card auction.

Horse Theme Card

Entertain your horse dreams with this equestrian themed card, Lot #79 in the upcoming card auction.

Pants Button Collection

Lot #90 in the upcoming auction is six cards of Div. I pants’ (or braces) buttons (240 total) comprising an exhaustive study from the original collector (and its only the first half of the collection!) The card pictured has 42 buttons in V.I., brass, and steel, with the verbals labeled.  Refer to excellent articles regarding this type of button in the  National Button Society Bulletin, Sept. 1961, p. 218-225 and May 1961, p. 121-131.

Goody Cards

Enjoy lots of good buys at potentially bargain prices with the fun Goody Cards offered in this upcoming October 6 auction. 

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