Autumn 2018 Auction

300 Fabulous Button Lots, as always, in our Autumn 2018 seasonal Auction closing on November 17. This Autumn Auction celebrates the Season of Color, a season of warm, vibrant, and earth based hues. Become a Button Collector today and immerse yourself in this world of colorful history and art, and ecologically sound pursuit.

Colors of Autumn

Three Color Bakelite

This fun Bakelite Button is Lot #59 in this Autumn Auction.

Bouquet in Brown

19th Century molded natural horn with floral bouquet. Lot #298 in this Autumn Auction.

Enamel with Purple Glass

Gothic style pierced enamel surrounds the center purple satin glass cabochon. Lot #87 in this Autumn Auction.

Gay 90’s Amber Jewel

This extra-large and fabulous Gay ’90s button sold for $145 in our Autumn 2017 Auction.

Autumn Color Palette

XLarge Design Under Plastic

This striking orange design under clear polymer sold for $20 in our Autumn 2015 Auction.

Amber Clover Lacy Glass

This lovely 19th century Lacy Glass sold for $76 in our Spring 2016 Auction.

Enamel Thistle with Pastes

This lovely openwork thistle champleve enamel is mounted on a border of faceted pastes. Lot #24 in this Autumn Auction.

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