Special Button Card Lot Auction March 3

130 Card Lots of Buttons in this Special Auction closing March 3 featuring meticulous and beautiful examples of button materials/classifications. Included are Brooks, Div. I Glass, Charmstring Glass, Vintage Glass, Metal Pictorials, V.I., Celluloid, Glass in Metal, Pearl, Composition, Horn Inlays, Uniform, Pewter, Realistics, Kiddies, Russian Couples Set, Classification Cards, and more! Enjoy these samples views from several of the cards in this auction. And register to participate in this auction here.

Turquoise Glass

Art in the Details

Genuine Glass

Pearl Paintings

Gray Gardens

Bats, Birds, Chimeras, Cats, and more . . .

Natural Inclinations

Victorian Delicacies

19th C. Marvels

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