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July 11

Its all about HOME! 300 Fabulous Button Lots going HOME this July 11!
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Making the Best of this Time

Artist Janet White has graciously donated her clever “Sheltering at Home” enamel button, with all auction proceeds going to the United Way. The roof of the button moves to reveal the Shelterees! Summer 2020 July 11, Lot #122.

Coming Home

18th C. Candlelit Farm Home

Home, a welcome site after a hard day in the fields. This lovely atmospheric underglass button combines multiple techniques. The foreground elements are reverse-painted, the windows of the farmhouse are backed with foil to simulate mellow candlelight, and the background is a watercolor painting on paper. Lot #144 in our Summer 2020 Auction.

Love Through Time

This cobalt enamel jewel brings its heart to us from the late Georgian or early Victorian years of the mid-1800’s. Lot #143 in this July 11 Auction.

House of Button

Be sure to visit our Button Shop, House of Button! Buttons are always coming in (and going out!) Lots of fabulous finds!


Keep sheltering yourself and your loved ones during these anomalous times.
This warm XLG burwood is Lot #149 in our current Auction.

A Madonna

Likely Russian, but possibly French and made for the Eastern market, this 19th C. rare emaux peints Madonna and Child is rendered in a style that makes this little work of art a highly portable, deeply personal icon. Lot #142 in this current Auction.


Gardening is sustenance for the soul! And assembling a card of Garden -related buttons is FUN! This celluloid Weeber Radish Seed packet was offered in our auctions some years ago.

Through Tinted Glass

How will historians look back on this current age? What will be written of these strange times? How can we know we are seeing clearly? This gorgeous Arts & Crafts era silver contains windows of plique-a-jour enamel. Lot #203 in this Summer July 11 Auction.


Seasons come, and seasons go . . . so go ahead, step out in style, keep your chin high, and make the most of every day! This charming set is Lot #216 in this Summer July 11 Auction.

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