Summer 2019 Buttons!

Our Summer 2019 Buttons! Armchair Auction opens for bidding July 30 and closes August 24. Join us for this star-studded spectacular display of shimmering, glowing, fantastic, entertaining, and most interesting array of buttons that have burst onto the scene! Our SUMMER BUTTON EXTRAVAGANZA will set your heart ablaze! Register Today to bid on these exciting buttons!

Nightwork Spectacle

Like Fireworks in the Night Sky, here is an 18th C. Reverse Paint Over Foil Background. Lot #148 in the current Summer 2019 Auction

Summer is Upon Us

Here is the Goddess of Summer (L’Este) lighting the fuse for our Summer Extravaganza Auction! This 18th C. en grisaille painting is Lot #129 in this auction closing August 24.

Shimmering Brilliance

This extra-large early 20th C. openwork showpiece will bring raves on the dance floor! Lot #104, Summer 2019, closing August 24.

Jeweled Heart

Deep Green Glass Victorian Jewel features a heart framed with a necklace of graduated pastes. Lot #130, Summer 2019.

Angels Keeping Watch

Lot #102 Carved Pearl Angels, Summer Auction August 24, 2019

Old Mirror Magic

This 18th C. Pearl is decorated with striking green faceted mirror glass set with a pearl floret and a brilliant center jewel. Lot #203, Summer 2019

Stars and the Night Sky

This stunning foil enamel with faux peacock feather design and border of brilliants will bedazzle even the darkest of evenings. Lot#177, Summer 2019.

Night Journey

The Flight of Mohammed under a galena enhanced night sky renders this Victorian button extra special. Lot #207, Summer 2019.

Eye Popper

Lot #131, Summer 2019 Auction. A wonderful large square Popper glass.
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