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HOPES AND DREAMS – BUTTONS capture both ancient dreams and future hopes!

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Autumn Auction

October 10

Hopes and Dreams! 300 Fabulous Button Lots to hope and dream about!
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The iridescent background and the silhouettes draw us into the scene.

Refraction Distractions

Dream your cares away with beautiful buttons!

Hope for Tomorrow

A woman trudges home after a hard day as her faithful dog greets her. Tomorrow is always a new day. 18th-century Fixé Painting Under Glass.

Arita Porcelain Dragon

A dragon can be a powerful force bringing good fortune and wisdom. Can we call forth this mystical being to aid us in these weird times?

Night Music

Listen close to hear the night sky filled with song. Scaramouche strums from the moon on this 19th-century steel and brass.

Distant Horizons

Day Dreaming

A Peasant Speaks

He spoke the truth to the powers that be, and in the end became a leader.

Safe Refuge

Your home can be your castle.
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