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Parade Your Buttons

So many fine buttons on display! Throw the confetti, wave the flags, are you there to raise your bid? Before the parade passes by!

Couple in 18th C. attire, painted on a large bone button. Sold $225 – Winter 2016 Auction.

A Parade of Buttons for November 12

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Patriots on Parade

A Lowenstein Enamel with its characteristic colorful glass swirls.

Lot #124 Autumn 2016 Auction.

Abraham Lincoln Mourning Button

This very rare button recalls a sad time in U.S. history, an almost month-long period of memorial parades and events as President Lincoln’s funeral train traveled over 1600 miles from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, IL.

Lot 118 Autumn 2016 Auction.

The Heroine

This dog may have averted a tragedy, as he holds the reins of a wide-eyed horse. Runaway horses are always a parade risk. Lot 57 Autumn 2016 Auction.

Parade Beauty

Cobalt enamel, brass filigree,  and green foil-backed enamel.

Sold $92 – Autumn 2015 Auction.

Riding High

Parade King

Parades always showcase Wheeled Vehicles of all kinds! Here is a fun recreational vehicle carved in wood by folk artist Frank Rossi of California. Lot #287 Autumn 2016 Auction.

Lantern Bearer

A 19th Century painting on velvet.

Lot #3 Autumn 2016 Auction.

Mirror-Back Bead Passementerie

Lot 292 Autumn 2016 Auction.