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Enjoy the Winter

A lovely matte ceramic with a transfer image of a pair of ice skaters in Edwardian costume. This originally came from a set representing different turn-of-the-19th century sporting activities. This scarce button sold for $705 in Armchair’s Autumn 2014 Auction.

Baby, its cold outside!

Button up your overcoat with these big bakelite jewels from the early 20th century!

Advertising Button

Button Up Your Overcoat was a popular song first published in 1928. The Alemite Oil Company used the song in an advertising campaign and had this button made. The other side of the button reads Change to Alemite Temprite Winter Gear Lubricant.

Snow Maiden

If you lived in snow country the majority of the year, wouldn’t you want to dress in color, too?! This handpainted button is by a Russian artist.

Pretty as a Snowflake

This 19th C. Victorian celluloid has a snowflake cutout center with brass jewel stickup and a velvet back ground.

Night Tobogganing

A very scarce Div. I black glass pictorial featuring two figures enjoying a winter toboggan ride. Smoky torchlights line the hill for the after dark excitement. This button sold for $371 in Armchair’s Autumn 2016 Auction.

Kate Greenaway Winter Stroll

The textured background adds to the wintry effect on this Kate Greenaway Winter Stroll scene.

Gnome on a Skate

Have you ever seen one?

3rd Ave Skater

This young fellow skating is on a 3rd Ave Button. Find out more about these antique buttons at, a great educational resource for button enthusiasts.

Ready for Spring

Well . . . there are those that could do without winter! This cute button is by Christy Bachman of California.