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Summer 2017 Auction! A Pastoral Landscape

300 Fabulous Button Lots, as always, in our Summer 2017 Seasonal Auction closing on July 22. A Pastoral Landscape of Beautiful Buttons!

18th C. Watercolor

John Robert Cozens (1752 – 1797) was a British draftsman and painter of romantic watercolor landscapes. He painted Lake of Vico Between Rome and Florence, a watercolor and graphite on cream-colored paper, around 1783.

18th C. Reverse Painted Landscape

A large and very fine 18th century reverse painted landscape under glass. Sold in our Autumn 2013 Armchair Auction for $320.

18th C. Harborside Fishing Scene

A lively painting under glass depicts a group of men and women fishing beside a busy harbor on this 18th C. painting under glass. This is currently up for auction in our Summer 2017 Auction closing on July 22.

Thomas Cole Landscape

Thomas Cole, English-born American artist known for his landscape and history paintings. He is regarded as the founder of the Hudson River School, an American art movement that flourished in the mid-19th century. Here is his The Oxbow, painted in 1836.

18th C. Reverse Painting

A wonderful 18th century reverse painting under glass depicting a woman standing beside a man reading a book in an autumn landscape. This button sold for $498 in our Winter 2014 Armchair Auction.

18th C. Painting on Ivory

A shepherdess with her crook is featured on this 18th C. painting on ivory under glass. Shepherds and shepherdesses were important representations in pastoral art. This button sold for $305 in our Summer 2012 Armchair Auction.

The English Countryside

Wivenhoe Park, a landscape painted by John Constable in 1816. Constable was an English romantic painter known primarily for his landscape paintings.

18th C. Engraving on Paper

A large 18th century hand-tinted engraving on paper under glass depicting a courting couple in a pastoral setting. Sold for $370 in our Summer 2013 Armchair Auction.

19th C. Watercolor Under Glass

A hand-painted watercolor under glass featuring a balloon in flight with an enthusiastic audience on the ground. This was 19th C. French-made to celebrate the centennial of the 18th C. balloon craze and is certainly representative of the landscape art of the times. Currently up for auction in our Summer 2017 Armchair Auction closing July 22.