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Winter 2018 Auction! The Season of Love

300 Fabulous Button Lots, as always, in our Winter 2018 Seasonal Auction closing on February 10. Buttons, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!

We Heart Buttons!

Lot 104 in this current Winter Auction is this scarce and lovely basse-taille enamel with emaux peints cherub and rose garland in the heart-shaped gilt mount.

Hallmark Silver Cupid

Collector’s enjoy mounting similar type or themed buttons on cards (or trays), of which the standard is a 9″x12″ acid-free matte board used for competition. Cupid buttons are wonderfully numerous and varied, and a must-have tray for collectors!

Love Birds

A sweet heart shaped button of mid-Eastern origin with a hand painted enamel center featuring colorful birds in a black sgraffito border. The enamel is set in a silver rim and back with rope border.

18th C. Hearts Afire

A large and rare 18th century en grisaille watercolor on ivory depicts a maiden tending an altar where two hearts smolder. This button sold for $700 in Armchair’s Spring 2015 Auction.

Lighting Love’s Torch

 Cupid lights the flame of Love on this 18th century grissaille painting over enamel, accented with glittering gold. This button is Lot 98 in our current Winter Auction.

Young Love

Russian artists create many fine modern enamels. The silver mount of this lovely button features a silver filigree reverse.

Secret Admirer

Here is a Peacock’s Eye Button with a heart! This sweet NBS medium size button sold for $225 in Armchair’s Winter 2016 Auction.

Life Long Love

This 19th Century brass button features a swan pair, the bird that chooses one mate for life. Note how their necks are just about to form the outline of a heart.

We Shall Never Part

A fun Rebus button from the 19th century declares “my heart shall never part”. This small waistcoat button sold for $48 in Armchair’s Summer 2011 Auction.