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Summer Auction – July 21

300 Fabulous Button Lots, as always, in our Summer 2018 Seasonal Auction closing on July 21. BUTTONS . . . A World in Miniature! Is there any subject matter not found on a button? Take a close look at all the scenes, subjects, patterns, color, and minute art found on all the wonderful buttons we have selected for this auction.

Butterflies and Nature

So many natural subjects including butterflies, insects, plants, floral displays, birds, animals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and more are found on buttons. Save the Button Species and put together a card of antique nature!

Travel the World

With buttons you can travel to places both far and near with the amazing variety of scenes, buildings, architecture, landmarks, etc. from countries all over the world

People from History

Not all 19th C. political candidates were immortalized on clothing buttons, and of those that were, the buttons are highly sought after. Here is Henry Clay, the unsuccessful Whig presidential candidate in the 1844 campaign against Polk. Henry Clay actually ran for president a total of three times, and unsuccessfully sought his party’s nomination an additional two other times. At least his tenacity lives on with this button!

Scenes from Everyday Life

Here is a fabulous 19th C. carved pearl with an early rural life scene. Two women with upturned aprons are (likely) feeding poultry as one stands on the platform of a poultry house on poles. Cultivated fields can be seen behind the other figure.

Characters from the Past

Here is a fun button featuring Puck, of Puck Magazine renown. The satirical and humorous magazine was published in New York from 1871 to 1918 in the building still known as the Puck building, featuring a gilded statue of this dapper fellow at the entrance.

Stars from the Stage

Here is an enamel made by the Motiwala Brothers of India, from the mid-20th century, featuring the child actress Shirley Temple talking on a phone. 

Fashion and Accessories

Buttons can be found as Hats, as Fans, with Fashion of many styles, of shoes, belts, buckles, purses, jewelry, etc. Working on a card of buttons with fashion subjects is quite the fun shopping excursion!

Travel by Boat, Balloon, and More

Transportation buttons run the gamut from horses to automobiles, airplanes and ships, bicycles and all sorts of whimsical unusual form of transports. Here is a scarce metal pictorial featuring a woman rowing herself through the air in her hot air balloon gondola.

Fantastical Creatures

A fabulous intricate and detailed fierce Japanese dragon is curled within an ivoroid mount.