#249 18th-C Stars on Copper

Crisply tooled gilded border of 28 six-point stars surrounds subtle engine turning in the central reserve. Est. selling price is $200-400.

#234 18th-C Lion and Crown Copper

An 18th century copper button featuring a rampant lion and crown with the motto “LIBERTAS PRO PATRIA.” The lion and crown suggests a British livery button but the motto does not. It is an officer’s button of the Brabant Revolution in Belgium against the Austrian rulers in 1789. Gilded over copper in mint condition. Copper loop shank. Est. selling price is $600-1500.

#238 18th-C Gilded Copper

Elaborately tooled border of tulips with gilded decorative finish (DF). Est. selling price is $200-400.

#239 18th-C French Revolution

Painting on paper under glass with Liberty cap and Masonic emblems surrounded by a laurel wreath. (Flaw in paper is virtually invisible at actual size.) Est. selling price is $600-1500.

#232 18th-C Paris Gate Verbal

A finely painted architectural scene of PORTES ST. DENIS in Paris. 18th century painting on natural material, mounted under glass in a silver plated border. There is a hairline crack center left – which is not a crack but rather a scratch in the painted surface, and not a flaw in the underlying material. The glass is in perfect condition. (updated info). Tinned reverse with copper U shank. Est. selling price is $400-600.

#233 18th-C Pictorial Enamel

White pierreries surround an array of gold pictorial paillon birds, vases, & a butterfly. Central emaux peints reserve depicts a sea fan, a type of soft coral. See our Autumn 2021 auction, Lot #173, for a button from the same enamelist. Plaquette in gilded copper or gilded brass. Est. selling price is $600-1500.

#203 18th-C Sporting Enamel Transfer

18th century sporting scene of a horse rider & hound, transfer print on enamel. Shown BBB PL. 12-15. There are a few hairline crazes visible under magnification. Est. selling price is $400-600.

#204 Engraved Verbal Tombac with Horse

A large 18th century French Tombac featuring a galloping horse and incised with the word “Intrepidite”:  resolute courageousness, fearlessness and bravery. Est. selling price is $600-1500.

#183 Early Elephant Livery

One-piece silvered copper livery from the end of the 18th century or early 19th century featuring a tusked elephant and grove of trees surmounting a braided torse. The button makers noted by the backmark manufactured together from 1797-1799, and continued using the mark until 1811, though no longer manufacturing together. Backmarked FIRMAN & WESTALL. Est. selling price is $200-400.

#188 18th-C Horseman

18th century heraldic figure riding a horse. Sepia monochrome black background painting on natural material. Mounted under glass with copper rim with a serrated inner edge. Est. selling price is $400-600.

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