#275 Realistic Black Glass Bird Head

Black glass realistic of a bird’s head with fabulous feathered detail. Gray luster finish. Reverse shows depression with applied glass self shank. Est. selling price is $10-30.

#153 The Now King

Vintage 1980s casein wafer with a decoupage of Prince Charles, who has since become the King of England. Self shank. Est. selling price is $10-30.

#138 Decoupage Balloon on Wood

A studio artist-made hot air balloon decoupage on wood with additional rim and reverse decoupages. Reverse is initial signed and dated 2000. Est. selling price is $10-30.

#107 Carved V.I. with Brass and Steel

A deeply carved Vegetable Ivory decorated with a brass cross escutcheon and center prong-mounted faceted steel jewel. Est. selling price is $10-30.

#94 Gilded Engraved Shell on Shell

A lovely white shell on dark shell overlay, both with gold filled engraving. Steel jewels border the diamond shape white shell. Two-hole sew-thru. Est. selling price is $10-30.

#97 Day and Night Glass in Metal

A floral brass button with both white glass and black glass insets. The white glass is finished with aurora luster. Est. selling price is $10-30.

#50 Foil Eye Black Glass Ball

Small Division I black glass ball with inset foil peacock eye with interesting striping color in amber and gold. Brass loop and plate shank. Est. selling price is $10-30.