#173 18th- C Shell Rebus

Beautiful shell beautifully engraved with a center ‘L” within a circle of “M”s. Loosely translates to “She loves” and, the circle symbolizes “endlessly.” Swaged-in shank. Est. selling price is $600-1500.

#174 18th-C Glass Rebus

Button #32 in Plate 12 of Ertell’s “Colorful World of Buttons.” The enamel viola symbolizes thoughts or thinking (noted as such in Shakespeare’s Hamlet), so the rebus is “Thoughts of me.” A rare example of large 18th-C transitional glass. Early shank dome and loop. Est. selling price is $600-1500.

#143 18th-C Leda and the Swan

En grisaille enamel depicting the Greek myth of Zeus in the guise of a swan seducing Leda, Queen of Sparta. Copper rim, tinned sheet-iron back, silvered copper shank. Est. selling price is $600-1500.

#159 18th-C Engraved Silver Lamb

A large 18th century silver button featuring a rare image of a finely engraved lamb. The reverse shows two distinct backmarks and a heavy gauge shank. Est. selling price is $600-1500.

#128 Motiwala Golden Peacock in Glass

This large stunning button features a peacock, hand-cut from a thin 24K gold sheet pressed into heat-softened green glass and then rimmed in silver. A rare Motiwala button. Est. selling price is $600-1500.

#83 Plique A Jour Lily

A fabulous large button of plique a jour enamel fired into hand-tooled, gilded metalwork. Est. selling price is $600-1500.

#84 18th-C Copper Mourning

A woman and a little dog mourn their loved one on this fabulous 18th century copper with blue painted background. The woman leans against the flower basket topped pedestal while the dog is curled at its base. Copper shank. Est. selling price is $600-1500.

#54 18th-C Battersea Enamel

A superb transfer printed enamel in soft brown, probably Battersea, 1753-1756. Finely set in a gilt mounting. The unusual shank of two crossed gilded copper wires imitates the catgut shanks of wood or bone back buttons of the early-mid 18th century. Reference BBB PL 12, #13-16. Est. selling price is $600-1500.