#251 Gaumond Cardinals

Mary Gaumond’s cardinals, both Mr. & Mrs., in a paperweight with impression inlay metalwork. Signed and dated. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#205 Margot de Taxco Sterling Horse

Elegance supreme in this stylized silver steed head by famed Los Castillo designer Margot de Taxco (Margot van Voorhies Carr). Fully backmarked including a government issue eagle mark. Silver loop shank. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#220 Painted Dalmatian on Wood

An endearing dalmation dog handpainted on wood by an unknown studio artist with initials EK. Round peg wood shank. Est. selling price is $30-60.

#190 Three Fans Japoniste

Three oriental fans arranged in a triploid pattern and embellished with three amethyst and one clear paste. A twisted rope border frames this openwork copper design. Copper loop shank. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#168 Early Repoussé Duo

Two handsome buttons from the late 18th or early 19th century with metal repoussé designs over the inner mold and linen thread reverse. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#179 Enamel & Seed Pearls Jewel

Silver or silvered metal openwork swirled pinwheel design decorated with dotted black enamel, seed pearls, turquoise glass jewels, and a center cranberry glass paste. Loop shank. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#130 Bluebird Dish Enamel

Happiest will be the winner of this sweet dish-shaped enamel with emaux peints bluebird and floral border design. Gilt reverse with loop shank. Est. selling price is $400-600.

#61 Turquoise Glass Background

A glittery border and cross of prong-set pastes decorate this turquoise glass disk. Brass loop shank centers the brass crossbars on the openwork reverse. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#65 Saphiret & Pastes Jewel

A center saphiret cabochon surrounded by pastes in a six-sided button. Wire bar shank with center loop. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#50 Colt Rouge with Extra Lid

Black and green Colt rouge in amino resin with an additional green lid. Container retains original product and “Jasmin” paper label. Molded self shank. Est. selling price is $60-100.

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