#295 Aluminum Dog Head

Medium silvered aluminum realistic dog head crafted in France in the late 1940s by Font Guillot for the fashion industry from unused war machinery. See example in Loic Allio’s book, A Button Odyssey. Cast self shank. Est. selling price is $30-60.

#265 Rhino Enamel

Enamel transfer of a rhinoceros on a slightly convex copper disc with counter enameling. Copper loop shank. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#247 Temple Scene Satsuma

This old satsuma button features a detailed landscape scene with foreground structures and trees around a lake. A temple rises beyond the trees with Mt. Fuji in the background. Inkan stamp on the reverse. Self shank. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#52 Coral Jewel

Seven coral glass cabochons decorate this gilt brass radial pattern design. Loop shank. Est. selling price is $30-60.

#39 Five Cranes Satsuma

Five cranes in white and gold decorate this old Satsuma with cobalt border and reverse glaze. Self shank (with small insignificant chip). Est. selling price is $100-200.

#18 Decoupage Painting Under Glass

A hand painted papier collé decoupage scene of a building and three small figures. The painting is probably 18th century, set in a 19th century copper mount. Loop shank. Est. selling price is $200-400.