#294 Smart Telephone

Keep your landline for this delightful Mary Gaumond realistic black glass telephone with movable cord & clear glass dial with numbers and letters. Signed and dated 2019 on the reverse. Copper loop shank. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#296 Wizard of Oz Battersea Set

Five button Battersea Wizard of Oz set in pewter with Dorothy (and Toto), the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Lion, and Oz. Founder’s head shank on the reverse. Backmarked BATTERSEA 2001, Solid Fine Pewter. Decorated mounting card included. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#298 18th-C Copper

Handsome tooled 18th century copper with eight repeated leaf-like shapes circling the center. Interestingly, when the light catches the tooled chasing on this button, the marks glitter like diamonds. These tooled copper buttons may have been as effective in the candlelight at garnering attention for a gentleman as steel buttons! Copper loop shank. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#300 Moon & Balloon

Herman Bangeman Jr.’s cameo-carved shell depicts a hot-air balloon in the moonlit and starlit night sky. Signed and dated. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#282 Cottage Scene Enamel

Luminous enamel over foil in silver and blue lends the appearance of a moonlit night to this cottage scene. Later 20th century silver mount by Phil Linley. Small chip in the enamel at 9:00. Loop shank. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#283 Spinning Wheel Bimini

A large Bimini glass from England featuring a spinning wheel decorated in gold luster. Gold luster reverse lends a rich depth to the amber glass. Backplate backmarked MADE IN ENGLAND with the potted plant logo. Loop shank. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#284 Portrait Painting on Shell

A young woman’s portrait beautifully painted on luminescent shell by a Russian artist. Lacquer coating. Silver mount with double twisted rope borders. Silver loop shank. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#285 Needlework Girl

A young girl dutifully tends to her needlework on this engraved and pigmented shell from artist Dianne Schefferly. Signed and dated on the reverse. Brass shank. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#288 Black Style

Three stylish black buttons include a modern polymer with radiating paste jewel decoration, an oval modern polymer with shell and brass wire inlay, and a thick black celluloid disc with gold paint filled surface design and brass rim. Self shank, applied metal shank, and inserted metal loop shank, respectively. Est. selling price is $30-60.

#293 Fruit Basket

A large painted realistic plaster basket holds a colorful variety of good things including a pear, apple, cherries, melon, and a nut. Inserted metal loop shank. Est. selling price is $10-30.

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