#281 Jacquard Head & Crochet

This fabric trio includes a small classic head in jacquard weave, and a small and medium crochet designs. All have threadbacks. Est. selling price is $10-30.

#287 Dickens & a Garter

Two more choice fabric buttons to add to the previous card. Here is a velvet back brass button featuring a Charles Dickens type character in top hat and spectacles. And, a flapper girl printed silk garter button. Brass loop shank and pad shank. Est. selling price is $30-60.

#275 Three Queen Victoria

This trio of Queen Victoria buttons include a brass commemorative for her 1887 Golden Jubilee, a small gilt of the young queen backmarked SUPERFIN B.B.C., and a Newfoundland coin button also picturing the young queen. Canada’s Atlantic province did not join Canada until 1949, thus it had its own currency for many decades. Loop shanks. Est. selling price is $30-60.

#276 V.I. Duo

A small steel cup with vegetable ivory background features a helmeted warrior’s head, and a medium vegetable ivory formed in the shape of a newsboy’s cap. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#184 NRA Wood +

Depression-era National Recovery Act wood button features a pressed triad design. The National Recovery Act was in place during a short two year time span from 1933-1935. Full backmark with Eagle logo, NRA, and original paper logo intact. Inserted metal shank. This lot also includes an enamel NRA logo stud shank button, and a paper logo sticker. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#165 Oval Enamel & Lithograph

A pretty lady’s photograph printed on celluloid under a vegetable ivory ring border and mounted in gilt brass. And, a small oval enamel with two oval emaux peints sections and two round enameled imitation bloodstone sections – all in an elegant gilt mount. Loop shanks. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#175 Court Jewels Pair

Two Austro-Hungarian jewel buttons in gilt metal with shell and green paste jewels. Loop shanks. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#160 Paste Jewel Duo

A small and medium paste jewel buttons in silver. The small one features six pastes in separated petals around the center paste. The medium features true pavé work around the center paste and a paste border, all in a scalloped mount. This medium button glistens with exquisite clarity from the quality jewels. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#138 Coralene Glass M/D Pair

A mother/daughter pair in medium and small Div. I white glass decorated with a blue and gold coralene surface. Two-way brass shanks. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#101 Enamel Quartet

Four small to medium enamels include a scalloped green with fleur de lis and other paillons, a pierced design with center paste, a raised-surface (paté) floral enamel, and a square with calico print design. Loop shanks. Est. selling price is $60-100.

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