#271 Peach Pit Carving

Two figures enjoy respite under the branches of a tree on this intricate peach pit carving. One is seated while the other appears to be bringing him a cup of tea. Carved self slab shank. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#245 Squirrel Jacksonian

Scarce Jacksonian era gilt depicts a squirrel perched atop a branch. Backmarked SUPERIOR with five stars interspersed with six dots, all around an inner border of dots. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#235 Stuart Crystals Group

As in our last auction, we are once again offering EIGHT Stuart crystals, from the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Yes, eight of these little silver mounted quartz rock crystal gems, most with bright pink foil framing the gold filigree cypher. Two oval shaped are still connected with the original toggle. Est. selling price is $200-400.

#211 Kaziun Hunter and his Dog PW

Charles Kaziun’s silhouette paperweight depicting a rifle-carrying hunter and his hound. Black glass base. Shown BBB PL 48-38. Brass loop shank. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#215 Elephants and Horses

Two concentric border of elephants frame the center elephant on this small cute brass, and a brass work clothes button features three horses heads under the word THOROUGHBRED. Est. selling price is $30-60.

#205 Peasant Silver Jewel

Small silver peasant with a pierced cap design centered with a green paste or stone jewel. The jewel is mounted on one end of a screw shaft with the ring shank screwed to the other end. An assay mark is on the shank. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#181 V.I. Verbal Trio

Three characters from a series of children’s stories by American author Howard Garis. Engraved and white-filled vegetable ivory. Here is the elderly rabbit, Uncle Wiggily, his loyal muskrat housekeeper, Nurse Jane, and neighborhood friend Tommy Kat. Self shanks. Backmark *©1924 F.A.WISH, INC. Est. selling price is $60-100.

#185 Sevres Porcelain Bouquet

Lovely small porcelain decorated with a colorful bouquet of flowers and gold rim. Reverse shows four shank hole openings and Sevres backmark. Est. selling price is $100-200.

#186 Child with Clown Doll

This scarce brass Victorian pictorial titled “Christmas Morning” depicts a child hugging a clown doll. A toy horse and ball can be seen on either side of the child. Shown BBB PL 192-23. Est. selling price is $30-60.

#171 Irish Political

Rare two-piece 1840s gilt depicting Irish nationalist political leader Daniel O’Connell, known in Ireland as “The Liberator.” Est. selling price is $60-100.

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