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Mighty Oak Button

This button was once thought to represent a famous tree in Connecticut. I still rather wish it was known by that name (Charter Oak), for it’s a good name for a stately tree on a button! The design of this 19th C. relief picture is quite pleasing. And it is Lot 242 in our Autumn 2015 Auction.

18th C. Reverse Painted Landscape

A tree features prominently in this handpainted miniature landscape, painted meticulously on the reverse side of the glass.  The technique gives extra depth to the rendering. This button is Lot 279 in our current Autumn 2015 auction.

Tree With Steels

19th C. Brass with Steels. A back of a button can sometimes be just as interesting as the front. Evening is drawing nigh with this view, the tree in shadow. The way branches from this tree have been chopped off, is the tree doomed to follow?TreeSteelsR

Early Botanical Drawing

Oak Tree print from woodcut by Leonhart Fuchs, 1542, German physician and botanist.